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We care about your satisfaction

That means you will be very satisfied about the way we treat you, with respect and friendly professional advise, on the materials available for any particular reason or need you may want to use the window film application.

Family owned business

Husband and wife deal, our company is own by us, and when you come to our shop you talk to us directly not to a sales person that sees dollar signs in your face, and doesn’t even know about the process of tinting, you basically talk to the guy that is going to perform the job, with experience in the industry since 1993.

Quality workmanship

We are very confident of our years of experience in the automobile window film industry (since 1993).

Life time warranty

We install a high quality materials only, we are proud to be a Llummar Professional Window films dealer, and on all our window film applications carry a life time warranties nation wide, Llummar pays for any defect directly to an authorized dealer like us on any state that you lived or move to, for as long as you own your automobile.


The Look

Our line of window film products ” offer a large variety of colors and shades, that give your vehicle style that can not be duplicated any other way, it is a look that says many things to many people, -clean classic, sophisticated and sharp- so many ways you can choose your look that gently improves resale value to your automobile.

Reduce Fuel Consume

A car seating on the hot sun can become a furnace, driving it’s uncomfortable, it seems for ever to regain your cool air from your vehicle’s ac. The application of window film product will stop the heat up to 60% (on protected window surface), that now you need to turn down or off your vehicle’s ac. obtaining more “-fuel efficiency”- (less items for the engine, to run smoothly with less effort).

Glare Reduction

Window film products cuts down the potentially dangerous glare from the sun’s damaging rays, head lights and reflective surfaces. by reducing this glare you can make a more safer drive, providing an incredible clear view from the inside your vehicle, while shielding you from those dangerous sun’s rays or headlights.

Prevent Skin Cancer

By reducing up to 99% of ultraviolet rays, due to UV. rays penetrating and damaging skin, it is recommended by most dermatologists to tint your windows.

Tint Materials & Shades

We carry large variety of automobile window films to make your driving more enjoyable by installing an efficient high heat reduction automobile window film materials, at very competitive prices for your special needs: CERAMIC CTX series, HIGH PERFORMANCE & STANDARD.

Partner With Lifetime Warranty

We are a window tinting company that provides our customers only the finest materials, we are proud to be an Authorized LLumar Window Film Dealer, providing a full lifetime warranties on all our window film materials we use, which they cover any manufacturer defect, against: bubbling, peeling, cracking, delaminating and best of all even if the our window film ever turn purple.

Our customers never have to pay labor or material, you get a factory “NATION WIDE lifetime warranty certificate”, for as long as you own your automobile, which means: no money out of packet to replace any of our window film installations, even if you move out of state, you still have a full life time warranty from LLumar window films “NATION WIDE”.

The LLUMAR professional window film manufacture has dealers of their products like our company all around the nation, where any repair under warranty can be perform and paid by the manufacturer directly to the dealer.

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